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Julia, 23

I love Simon’s calm voice, his openness, kindness and warmth. His yoga classes are amazingly heart-touching and he is a “yoga poet”, someone who is able to give you a deep understanding of what yoga is. And I love his meditation course. It is far beyond the basics! Thank you, it changed my life!


Daniel, 23

For a couple of weeks I tried to meditate by myself but it did not work out well. I could barely make it to 10 minutes. I was restless and nervous. Then I took the course of Simon and he is explaining all the basics you need to know…now I can sit for over 30 minutes. Many of the basics are sooo simple, but so effective!

Benefits of Meditation

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased Concentration
  • Overcoming negative emotions
  • Better sleep
  • Raised awareness
  • Higher Creativity
  • Increased attention span
  • Makes you and the people around you happier

Frequently Asked Questions
Meditation for Beginners Challenge

Can Everybody Join?

Yes, this meditation challenge is for everybody. But we have limited spots, so the earlier you register, the better.

What do I need for this Challenge?

You may need a couple of pillows, a comfortable surface to sit on, maybe a carpet, or a chair.

What will I be taught?
  • How to sit in meditation
  • Different possibilities for your sitting position
  • Deep Breathing (Basic Pranayamas)
  • Mindfulness & Awareness
  • Body scan
  • Several techniques of meditation (Vipassana, Awareness meditation, Simple mantra meditation, Jappa, energy-meditation, metta)
  • Theoretical Knowledge of the mind, thoughts and emotions and how to control them.
  • What for obstacles may come up in meditation practice
  • What supports you in your meditation practice
  • Meditating 30 minutes in 1 session
Can I practice after the training alone?

Yes, this is exactly what this training is made for. After finishing the 10 days challenge you will be able to meditate 30 minutes and more without any further guidance.

Can I practice in my own pace?

Yes, you can, but I highly recommend to do this training in the announced 10 days.

How do I register?

Just sign up in the form below, and confirm your registration in the Email we send you. After this you will get your first lessons and the Link to the training.


Simon Sureshwara

is a 42 years old German yoga and meditation teacher, who is travelling the world. He is teaching yoga and meditation for the last two years in tropical paradise places.
If you talk with him about yoga and meditation you can get easily inspired because of his passion for these practices.
He lived 2 years in one of the biggest Ashrams in the world serving in this peaceful community teaching yoga and meditation, organizing a kids yoga festival, and sharing positivity and love with everyone.


Meditation teacher Simon Sureshwara

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