Life is a magical dance. Look where we are coming from. We are stardust, so old, from the beginning of the universe. Where do we go? What will we be? We will be stardust again.

See all this effort that was coped to bring us here. Can you imagine all the countless lives lived, all the struggles, all the growth, all the failures, catastrophes, all the victory, and successes?

Life is never running straight.

It is up and down, Yin and Yang, inhale and exhale, birth and death, light and darkness, summer and winter, and…you name it. This dance is a miracle; this dance brought us here. This dance of becoming, adapting, fading, try, and error, spiralling through time and space, this is what everything is relying on. The fundamental law of existence.

Yoga is knowing, feeling, understanding the dance. Knowing about the meaning of existence. That we all came from one, that we all will be one, that we all are one.

That this life is part of the dance, and that it is worth living it. You have to know that after the up comes the next down. And after the down the next up. I am in peace with that. I rest in the middle of the rising and falling, where everything is calm. I am in peace with life, myself, others, the universe, the miracle dance of being.

Yoga means to live peacefully, to spread peace, to share peace. All the practices of yoga will accumulate peace in your heart, in your soul. All the practices of yoga will make you feel more whole, more connected, and this is the biggest gift you can give to yourself.

Sureshwara was searching all his life for this. A practice of peace, to make the world a better place for everybody.
Little did he know about yoga, he was mostly interested in meditation. But after his first yoga class, he already felt that yoga would change his life.

Sometimes he was desperate, sometimes he was just bored, just going with life. He wanted to change his life, but he did not know how to do that.

At the point where he was fed up with his corporate lifestyle, being part of the consuming society, not having a real purpose in his life, he got the opportunity to go to Ethiopia in 2012 to work in an Orphanage. These five months changed his life dramatically. He knew he could never sit in a company office behind a screen, working on excel sheets, again.

It took a while till he figured out what to do.

He became a climbing instructor and then started to meditate.

During his visit in Europe’s biggest Ashram to learn more about meditation he had his first yoga class.
And that was the moment when he knew what he had to do. He felt the peace yoga was giving him. And he saw how it affect others in the same way.
He felt that yoga is working for peace, for harmony, for balance.

So he decided to take a yoga course back home, and after a few classes he started with his daily practice. He never felt like this before in his life!

It was certain for him, that he had to become a yoga teacher to share this with other people. Yoga could heal…him, maybe others, maybe the world.

He made a decision to become a yoga teacher to learn as much as he could about these ancient techniques.

He gave up his flat, moved into the ashram and started a 2 year long yoga teacher training, living a yogic lifestyle day by day.

2018 he left the Ashram, to do a Thai Yoga Massage Training in Asia, and there he still is.

Now he is working abroad, learning and teaching from and for many people from all over the world. He has only 2 boxes with some personal belonging at a friends place, and his backpack.

Meditation teacher Simon Sureshwara

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