a Spiritual Life Coach

Yoga teacher, meditation master, and Thai masseur,
who dedicates his life to peace and love.

Simon made the decision to change his life with 35. He moved to Ethiopia for 5 months and volunteered in an orphanage, escaping the corporate life. This journey made him realize that he wants a fundamental change in his life. After returning home from Africa he was searching for a new path and discovered meditation and Yoga. Because he was experiencing so much peace and love through those practices, he knew that it will be his new way teaching people how to develop ace and love from within. He chose to move into an ashram of the Swami Sivananda tradition to live there in the spiritual community, immersing deeply into yogic life and philosophy.

Let’s change your life

Through yoga and meditation you can find everything what you are looking for. Fulfillment, abundance, happiness, peace, freedom, joy – all from within. You don’t need to add anything from outside. It all lays already within you – it just needs to be revealed.

Practicing Yoga will help you to develop willpower, concentration, creativity, calmness, stress resistance, a healthy and strong body, and it will show you tools to keep stress controlled, to handle challenging situations, people and tasks. Yoga is more a practice of the mind instead of the body. The body is what we use, to develop our mind, consciousness and awareness.
Are you ready to get out of the mind and into the body?

Learn Yoga Online

Online – classes for donations. Learn the best traditional Hatha Yoga and get a life-time practice.

Free MasterClass

Join my free 10 days meditation masterclass, and learn how to meditate.
Peace is a choice – You can make it!

Free One on One

Schedule a free consultation Find out what’s your way and what you can do from a yogic point of view.

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Donation based

All classes are donation based, so that you can join Sureshwara’s classes for free or whatever you can afford. You pay what you can – this is a great way to giving, which is an important part of Karma Yoga. Those who can help will help the ones in need.

Meditation teacher Simon Sureshwara

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