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Guided Yoga Classes and Meditations and Webdesign for Yoga Teachers and Spiritual Guides

Traditional Hatha Yoga

The Teachings

In the Ashram Sureshwara was living they taught traditional Yoga, as it is practiced since many years in India. Every class is including deep relaxation, sun salutations, asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

This practice will affect way more then just your body making it stronger and more flexible, but it will also affect every other part of your life, teaching you patience, serenity, calmness, peace, and love to life.

This yoga will help you with following indications:

  • Burn out / intense stress
  • Insomnia, returning headaches
  • Most back- / shoulder- and neck-pain
  • negative habits / negative mindset

In Simon’s classes and courses you will be taught the ancient practice of Hatha Yoga so that  you can apply them without further instruction after a short time of practice.
It is Simon’s goal to teach you this sequence so that you can use it to follow the path of peace, harmony, health, and love – just by yourself.

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A PRactice for a

Guided Yoga Classes and Meditations and Webdesign for Yoga Teachers and Spiritual Guides
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Simon started with yoga and meditation in 2014. As a flow artist and climber, he has always been interested in meditation in motion. Through climbing, he found yoga, and in 2016 he decided to do a 2-year training in an ashram. There he immersed himself deeply into the yogic way of life and philosophy and was able to intensify his yoga practice considerably. Since then, yoga has been the most important thing in his life. This passion he wants to share with as many people as possible.
After leaving the ashram in 2018 he started to travel around the world to learn, teach and share. Today he has taught over one thousand hours of yoga to even more people. In his classes he puts a lot of emphasis on the traditional practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. His dedication is to guide people to feel peace and calm from within.


2 years living in an ashram
2 years of training

Pranayama with Sureshwara

master your
body and mind

Sun Salutation with Sureshwara
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Pay as much as you can

The classes are Donation based

“I wish that everybody is able to experience the benefits of yoga, that is why I make it this way. Those who are able to give much can pay more, so that some who have less or nothing can pay little or nothing. It is your consideration what it is worth for you.”


A mat

An open mind

A little bit of time

The classes will be held via zoom for that you do not need special software to install. You can follow the classes via smartphone, tablet or computer.
After registration you will receive an Email with the zoom link and password.
Please attend the class 10 minutes befor we start.

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The Schedule

Day7am 4pm
SaturdayHathaMen Only
SundayMen OnlyHatha
MondayYinMen Only
TuesdayMen OnlyYin
WednesdayHathaMen Only


Classes are for

All levels of fitness

All body shapes

All ages

Meditation teacher Simon Sureshwara

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